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Ben Poole /  Lynus / Son’s Of Zep

Robin 2, 12/2/20

Live review by; DeeDee 


A midweek gig at the Robin 2 in Bilston sees two bands supporting the Blues guitar virtuoso, Ben Poole. I was there early to catch all the action. 


SON’S OF ZEP are a local band, put together by Kevan Ward who I have known for years and I have always admired his vocal talents. His vision with this latest project is to perform those songs that are rarely played by the majority of Zeppelin tribute or cover bands. Tracks that are more on the mellow side, with a couple of surprises that stray a little from what you are expecting. 


‘Thank You’ and ‘Ramble On’ are a smooth introduction; it’s the bands first gig although it’s hard to tell as they look so relaxed. Andy Freeman is quite an accomplished guitar player, he stamps his own mark on the solos, while drummer Marc Poole, comes across as fervent as Mr Bonham in his heyday. ‘Dancin Days’ from ‘Houses Of The Holy’ is a tasteful choice, I remember when I first heard that album, it was so different from what had gone before and it took a while to fully appreciate it. Kev and Andy then duet on the acoustic ‘Going To California’ a beautiful song and they do it proud. 


Time for an original number ‘Life’s Mountain’, it’s one of a few that the band are currently working on and has that mix of Bad Company / Free and Zeppelin, three bands that have influenced Kevan over the years. A soft and gentle flowing number and pretty impressive. The more upbeat ‘Good Times, Bad Times’ and the ‘Immigrant Song’ follow and Ian Smith provides some decent bass. There’s another twist as they finish on Rival Sons’ ’Shooting Stars’. Not bad for their first event, ‘Son’s Of Zep’ received plenty of well deserved applause tonight and with more shows lined up, do venture out to see them, their set is both stimulating and innovative. 



LYNUS are from the Wolverhampton area and list ‘Clutch’ and ’Tool’ among their influences. Fronted by kilt wearing Andy, they start off with ‘Black Mirror’ a slow grind of a track, which was released as a single back in 2015. I like the monstrous ‘Full Fathom Five’, with precise and repetitive shredding from Wedgie; it is one of three numbers from last years single ‘Brothers’ (I’ve noticed they make a habit of releasing multi track singles). Oh and then a song in my name, ‘Diane’ which is also from 2019, another menacing creation, it pulsates along with some enchanting vocals. 


Now with additional member Andy, I think it has done wonders for their stage presence, he’s a mighty warrior and puts so much heart and soul into every lyric. ‘In The End’ from the ‘Unknown’ single of 2014 just proves what a voice he has. The unabating sound continues to the end with ‘Black Confetti’. Backed up by Mike on drums and bassist Adam, Lynus are downright brutal and have a messy, disturbing theme, they just define what a solid Industrial rock band should sound like in 2020. 


Lynus can be seen on the road in 2020, check their Facebook page HERE for more details.     



BEN POOLE headlines tonight, the Brighton based guitarist is something of a saviour in the world of young, UK, Blues/Rock and Soul performers. Loved and adored by many of his peers, including Jeff Beck and the late Gary Moore, Ben seems to take it all in his stride. With a drummer and bass player, the trio play a set made up of well practised numbers from Bens’ albums. Although, combined it is the 2019 “Trio Live ’19”, a double live album that was recorded over 3 nights during the last tour that the performance mainly follows. ‘Take It No More’ and ‘Win You Over’ soon affirm the incredible ability and technical magic that this mere human can unleash. 


It would be easy to just play self-indulgent guitar and lose us in masses of string bending solos, however this guy is keen to include well written songs where he sings with the most eloquent of voice. ‘Don’t Cry For Me’ is a cool breeze in the heat of the night, while ‘The Question Why’ is more bluesy with a subtle hint of rock. Stacks of colossal guitar, of course, accompany every number, ‘Have You Ever Loved A Woman’ spans over 10 minutes and you can easily lose yourself in awe.  


The inclusion of a jam with the bass, is mind-blowing, firing off each other it is just amazing. I spoke to Ben after the show, where he confirmed, it’s different every time, only the best can afford to do that live every night. Shortly after, Ben leaves the stage to let the bassist and drummer do their own thing, remarkable stuff. 


‘Anytime You Need Me’ is a return to more rock based steadiness, with loads of 6 string intertwining and the trio end on a cover of Don Henleys’ ‘Dirty Laundry’. Quite surprised by the lack of punters in the room, as it isn’t every night you get a chance to see such a perfect lesson in guitar wizardry. However, there are plenty of chances for Ben Poole can enchant you on the road; check out his facebook page here for more dates.





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