Released 26th July 2019  

Review by; DeeDee 


If you have a liking for Dokken, Stryper, Mr Big or even Ace Frehley and have never heard of Faithsedge, you are truly missing out. Because three ex members of these bands have joined vocalist Giancarlo Floridia to produce a fourth Faithsedge album entitled ‘Bleed For Passion’. They could almost be labelled as a supergroup. With ex Dokken axeman Alex De Rosso, mixing and producing the album, he is joined again by ex Stryper bass player Tim Gaines and new recruit Matt Star who has been sticks-man for Ace Frehley and is currently with Mr Big. 

Vocalist and the man originally behind the project, Giancarlo Floridia is no newcomer to the world of melodic rock and metal, having worked with members of Ratt, Hardline and Suicidal Tendencies. Bringing the trend of 80s and early 90s melodic guitar-based music into the 21st century, Faithsedge are on a mission to re-define the meaning of big production/AOR hard rock. 


‘Back From This’ kickstarts the record, with lots of super-fast shredding and smooth as silk vocals. There are multi layers and spoken words that make it unique. The pace continues on ‘Angelic’ which is the first single. It has a sharpness and rhythm that evokes the heyday of AOR in the 90s, love the way it carries and the guitars are amazing. ‘Through The Scars’ has me tuned into the drums, Star is at his best, I can feel his stick beating coming at me through the headphones. A slow and cosy ballad ‘I Know I Need To Let You Go’ is a relaxing one. ‘Girl When’ ups the speed again, the 2 guitars of De Rosso and Floridia in unison, the latter’s voice is strikingly hot. As the album goes into the final third, ‘I’ve Changed’ and ‘Bleeding With The Memories’ hit the mark and it is difficult not to be impressed. ‘Reflecting A Voice’ is incredible, push the fast button and up the levels, it’s a gritty rocker and riff biting. With an acoustic version of ‘Angelic’ as a bonus track, it’s a professional finish, as you would expect from these guys, with their vast experience. Yes, it’s very 80s, but totally fresh and De Rosso has mastered it perfectly. 


Out on Scarlet Records on 26th July, ‘Bleed For Passion’ is a must for those who pine for the long lost days of big powerful guitars and songs of anthem proportions. Then again it’s a perfect album to introduce you to that world, albeit with a modern stance. Click HERE for details of how to get your copy. 




 Giancarlo Floridia  - Vocals/ Guitar 

 Tim Gaines (Stryper)  - Bass Guitar 

 Matt Starr (Mr.Big/ Ace Frehley)  - Drums 

 Alex De Rosso (Dokken)  - Lead Guitar 


4.5/ 5 



Back From This

Reflecting A Voice