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Released June 10th 2019

Review by; DeeDee 


Young talent like this doesn’t come along very often, 3 lads from Devon called ETHYRFIELD have been creating quite a stir since they formed in 2014. They have won a slot at the Giants Of Rock in Minehead and supported Judas Priest at the Bloodstock festival in 2018.  This new 4 track EP released on June 10th, epitomizes a new direction, how rock/metal music can still evolve and sound completely different. 


‘Ignitor’ with its heavy repeating and menacing guitar, is quite an introduction. The vocals have an added cosmic feel, so think a modern day Hawkwind, although they don’t stick to that vein, a lot of the riffing is Black Sabbath inspired and there’s also a lot of bass giving it full body. ‘Free The Dog’ has more vocals and a slightly Prog feel, how 3 guys from Newton Abbot can sound more like 6 is unbelievable, they make it sound so easy, it must just come natural.

The third track ’Never Odd Or Even’ displays the bands ability to slow it up a little and get a bit more intense. The title track ‘Taurus’ with its almost mantra combined harmonies, is the most conventional of the 4 numbers. That doesn’t mean it sounds familiar, just has more of a regular structure. Lovely mellow guitar with more of those distant vocals.    


This band play in a such an original fashion, it’s not about a front man or a lead guitarist taking the limelight, there aren’t any 6 string solos or displays of vocal prowess, Ethyrfield are a trio of molten rock, melted together to form a huge new metal ideal. 


Taurus can be purchased through the bands Facebook page  or Website



Zach Cornish - Vocals / Bass 

Ben Cornish  - Guitar /Backing Vocals

Dan Aston - Drums 

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