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Interview with; Diane D 

How long have you known each other and when?

Phil: We’ve known each other for 2 years now

VAYA: WOAUW, time goes by so fast!!! 2 yearsJ By the way I have the feeling we

know each other from centuries;) How did you decide to form a band/become a


Phil: When I was a child, my mom played a lot of piano, so she taught me a little the

piano, my dad played the guitar as well, he taught me a little too, then later, I started

taking guitar lessons with different teachers and by the time, I became a guitar player

and I joined few bands!

VAYA: So the “band” was formed by itself. I am normally someone really solitary

Who would you say is/are your main influences/ heroes?

Phil: Lot of guitar players, specially rock, hard-rock, heavy metal guitar players like Nuno Bettencourt, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson and much more!

VAYA: N.A.T.U.R.E : Universe!

What was the first record you bought?

Phil: I think it was an “Iron Maiden” record, the album “Live After Death” when I was 12 years old in 1994!

VAYA: J Indiens: Sacred spirit

How do you write new material, is it just one of you or do you all contribute?

Phil: Usually it’s Vaya, she writes the songs and the lyrics, then we play it altogether and see what we can do, or change! I wrote two songs since last year, I brought them to the band and we arranged one of them. Vaya added a keyboard and it sounds great!

VAYA: ME? J)) I am just the translator of the World;) Do you have any specific method?

Phil: Yeah it depends on the mood I am, on what happens in the world,, good things or dramas can help to write songs!

VAYA: Just… Listen to…

Are you touring this year or in the near future?

Phil: Yes, we ‘re touring in Canada soon enough on April and in The States on July and after,

we’ll see what we’ll do!


Where is your favourite venue?

Phil: Miami!

VAYA: Everywhere

What is the best or worse incident that you have encountered on the road so far –

that you can share?

Phil: It was last year, when we were on tour in the East of Europe, we had one or two days off and we wanted to go to Biello-Russia to visit the country. But when we reached the border, the guards didn’t let us go because we weren’t allowed to pass, so we had to go back to Poland!


Do you have any special requests or rituals before going on stage, are you superstitious for instance?

Phil: No nothing at all, I don’t like these kind of things, I just focus on myself, on the music and the songs we’re gonna play and always try to relax, enjoy and have a great time!

VAYA: Water that's it

How do you spend your free time before a show, any particular pastimes/hobbies?

Phil: Oh I don’t know, sometimes I go out for a walk, watch TV, or spend time with friends!

VAYA: Sure. I have a good balance between music and my painting exhibitions. Then of course still going back into my forest or swimming into the water, feeling the fire, the blow of the sky and caressing Earth. And most important observing my two little boys growing upJ: The Future


Are you planning any new recording like an album/EP soon?

Phil: Yes we’re planning a new record, it’ll come pretty soon I think!

VAYA: J Yes. First this March month I will go to Fukuoka creating the video clip of one of the song of the second album. And we will have a record session on April in Union Sound, Toronto for the next coming album

If you could go back in time, is there a venue or festival you wished you could have played?

VAYA: Woodstock!

Phil: Yeah I wish I played at Woodstock, hahahahaha!!!!!


Who are your favourite bands at the moment?

VAYA: Still Native Indian from north of America

Phil: My favourite band’s “Extreme” they’re inspiring me so much!!!!

Who’s record are you playing/listening to right now?

Phil: I’m not really playing or listening to any specific album actually but I’ve been playing a

few songs of Joe Satriani lately!

VAYA: At the moment I am writing to you I am discovering the album of Fatoumata Diawara

“Something to say”


Have a nice one Diane



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