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Spreading the Disease – Mindcell (EP)

Surgery Records

Review by; Danny Price


If it’s modern, aggressive metal you’re after then this is what you’ve been looking for!

Right from the off with opening track ‘Obsession’ we are hit with a huge wall of sound and almost instantly some of the best metal vocals you will hear from Connor Russell Snyder. The second track ‘Voices’ leads us into a fast intense start again before leaning on a more melodic first verse with softer feel with almost a progressive element. The song weaves between heavy fast blast beats and really nice slower melodic parts which so many bands struggle to do as good as this.

Track three is ‘The Anger Inside’ which has a really nice chugging guitar riff which stands out from the rest. ‘Waves’ is an appropriately titled track which does exactly that, it waves in and out for just over six minutes between more softer melodic parts and insanely put together drumming from Jack Apella.

The final track of this EP is ‘Conflicted’, which could almost be at home on any Slipknot album.

We have five massively explosive songs here which are all as good as each other in their own right, but the stand out track has to be the bands single from this EP, ‘Voices’.

Spreading The Disease have huge riffs and a massive modern metal sound for the younger fans but with enough elements of 80’s thrash/death metal to keep the more mature listener wanting more!


Rating - 4/5


Spreading The Disease are;

Steve Saunders – Bass and backing vocals

Jack Apella – Drums and samples

Connor Russell Snyder – Lead Vocals

James Falconer – Lead Guitars

Martin Osborne – Guitars and Vocals

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