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Shyyne - Go Your Own Way

Album review by; DeeDee 


Back at the start of April, Shyyne brought out their latest album ‘Go Your Own Way’. There were numerous problems with the pressing and getting the CD out in the post, however at last all looks well. The glam/sleaze rockers from Wolverhampton have gone from strength to strength since 2017, when a change of line up revitalised them. These days, well prior to lockdown, they are regulars on the stage and often the down-to-earth guys are seen in the audience at gigs, supporting their fellow musicians as well. 


The introduction to ‘Say Goodbye’ has a tight riff by way of Mark Williams, which travels the length of the song. Plenty of vocals from Toni Gayle, who is one of the most charismatic of frontmen. His style could be said to have more cheese than Cheddar, it works though, again on ‘Movin On’ his charm is widespread and you can feel the warmth and passion, a stunning guitar solo adds to the beauty. ‘Feeling Fine’ is soft and mellow, the rhythm is glorious, Matt Freeman on bass and drummer Ritchie ‘Bev’ Bevan, backing more axe attacks from Mark. The title track continues the theme and Toni is in full stride, lots of sugary vocals and it has an almighty hook. There is quite a moving intro to ‘Show Me’ just a few notes gliding in before it rises. There is a bit of the fun element on this one, I adore the way it carries on with showmanship and pizazz.  


’Take Me Down’ is another sugar rush, the pace is electric and the guitar work comes through really well, with some clever chords and immaculate shredding. An intimate reach by Gale breaks it up near the end, to make it one of the best on the album. ’State Of Mind’ is another with a load of harmonies and is just so up-lifting. Once again Williams provides, to give it that distinct Shyyne approach. Another that stands out for me is ‘Shut Up’ wow, how dirty and utterly sluttish is this! Move over LA dudes, this is a monster from the sleaziest band in the West Midlands. Another round of gutter rock with ‘Ain’t A Crime’ the catchy hook and whining strings, make it so deliciously attractive. Next up ‘Friday Nite’ has a slightly more heavier tone, lower in gear and the sweet vocals add class. Last number is ‘Song For The Broken Hearted’ finishing on a ballad with warm and poignant lyrics, it’s a touching serenade and justifies that Shyyne have so much to offer.  




A great piece of creativity from Shyyne, I can’t fault it and it should be up there with the best UK albums of 2020.

Get more information from the bands facebook page HERE and purchase ‘Go Your Own Way’ from them or off their label; WDFD Records.

Oh and I hear T-Shirts will soon be available from the Shyyne Shop!       







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