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Ten Ton Mojo & :::Killcode:::

The Bowery Electric

Live stream review by; DeeDee 


The Bowery Electric is a small venue that sits comfortably in New York’s East Village. Accommodating a wide range of music and live events, it’s the setting for this live stream by two of NYC’s finest bands, two who are seldom heard this side of the pond. I have to own up and say that I’m not that familiar with either of these, so when the opportunity arose to watch this gig, I couldn’t resist. 


:::Killcode:::  Are native New Yorkers and were formed by frontman Tom Morrissey and guitarist Chas Banellis, who I must have seen play when he was in Dirty Rig. The short lived band, that featured Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul, I saw them on tour in the UK, during 2006. It was 2 years later that :::Killcode::: first hit the boards and since then they have shared the stage with bands of notoriety such as Godsmack & Sevendust. As well as touring Mexico and parts of central America, they have been over to Europe, appearing at Hard Rock Hell here in the UK and at the Barcelona Rock Festival in Spain. Initially a quartet, a second guitarist, DC Gonzalez, who was lead guitarist for the rock band Panzie, was soon enlisted and Rob Noxious joined on drums. New bass player Bobby Flores completes the 2020 line up.


First up is a new song ‘Between You And Me’ and it gets its first live airing tonight. Straight, down the line, pure Rock N Roll, it’s a hard, gutsy track. Tom’s voice is powerful and clear and from the start he comes across as the most professional of vocalists. As we go into ‘Leo’ another first timer, the tempo lessens pace and we get a sturdy and easy going rhythm. This band are so together, Chas throws up some 6 string magic to create more body and Tom keeps us informed with his NYC drawl, I love the low New York accent. ‘Lucky Elephant’ has more emphasis on Rob’s drums and the guitar combinations of Chas and DC, but it is also a great sing-along. Next the lustful ‘Phenomenon’ pours out, a mighty anthem of a creation, before we hear ’Show Me’ that’s from the last LP ‘The Answer’ of 2018. The guitars are changed as this is a lot heavier and has the most adhering riff, it hits you like a car crash, superb, uplifting and raunchy, and the song has more elements than the periodic table.


’New Superman’ has a richness about it and it’s good to see the band smiling and enjoying every minute of this set. With Tom facing directly into the camera, there is a sense of warm intimacy. Growing in stature as it progresses, with more determination and then finally winding into more solo guitar licking and intense sticks, you have to love this one. ’Shot’ is also from 2018, another with a more grinding and strident hammering. The vocals are more rock rapping and it delves into a monster of a jam midway. Word of a new album and the chant of ‘Lets Get Back To Rock And Roll’ delivers more pleasure. A simple and effective message is given a stomping, with a vintage 90’s style. The 45 minute set is brought to a finale with loads of thanks and love before ‘Kickin And Screamin’, which again comes from ‘The Answer’ album. A blast of punishing rock, to end an astonishingly brilliant performance. 












Photo:  Kyle W Brauer


Ten Ton Mojo also exist in the underworld of New York’s rock society. But fame has already glanced in their direction as their song ‘Pinball Girl’ was used in the movie ‘Pinball Donut Girl’ and another number ‘One And Only’ was used for a Suzuki advertisement. They are also no strangers to sharing the stage with more well known artists, including the late Scott Weiland, Dirty Pearls, The Supersuckers and Jesse Malin. The eponymous album was released in 2013 and saw them listed as one of the best rock bands in NYC. 


They break the ice tonight with ‘Gotta Get That Love’ from the self titled LP of 2013. As singer Dave Anthony introduces the band, they strike up with the intro, an awe inspiring, heavy and groove hitting riff. Combined with Dave’s tremendous voice it’s a hell of an opener. Then straight into ‘Karmalita’ a charming piece with more refined guitar that screams and hollers. The harmonica makes an appearance for ‘Memphis’ as we take a more blues influenced direction. With a cool chorus, chanting ‘Walking Back To Memphis’ and more soulful chords, it’s becoming evident that TTM live up to their name. The five man outfit look comfortable on the Bowery Electric Stage and the tall and lean frontman takes time at the end of the song to thank everyone. ‘Quick Whiskey’ is more demanding, the groove returns and this one rocks you to the bone. Really good visually, the twin guitars of Scott Lano and Christian Realmuto provide some awesome strokes and Paul ‘Sugar’ Kane’, (It took me a while to get it) keeps the rhythm in tow from his drum stool, aided by Chris Laubis on bass. The single from 2016 ‘American Honey’ is so good, just a simple and agreeable tune, it sways and turns, flowing beautifully, and then more guitar is added to create a dynamic finish. 


‘Dirty Sweet’ is a fast mover with driving pace and a swaggering attitude. Another with a catchy chorus and the coolest of fret picking from Scott. Dave has undone his shirt now and as they pile into ‘Bad Love’, a new song produced with the help of Matt Starr (Mr Big Ace Frehley, etc, etc), he takes it off to reveal his lean torso and very low leather hipsters; I have to admit I’m distracted for a while! The stunning riff and higher vocals on ‘Bad Love’ have an infectious appeal. They shift into another gear with ’99 Pounds Of Soul’, a lower slog of a song with stacks of bracing riffs and again a rampant sing-along chorus. Another new song ‘Have Mercy’ is more down to earth and like ‘American Honey’, flows consistently throughout. So bonding and resilient it heads into a fantastic slower and more powerful finish. They end on ‘High Forever’ a stomp of a track from 2013. Leaving with this cruising rocker, they have given the audience of this live stream an amazing show. Wow, well if like me, you like a bit of groove and bluesy rock and roll, then you would thoroughly enjoy Ten Ton Mojo.














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